You too can get leads on command.
There’s plenty of ways of attracting clients. Facebook Ads. PPC. Inbound marketing. Partner marketing. Networking. They all have their place.

But being able to open opportunities cold on command is possibly the most useful weapon you can have. It costs nothing. It puts you in control. You get to target the exact types of client you want to win. When you get good at it, you can predictably book sales calls whenever you want.

That is an amazing place to be.

Cold pitching has a bad rap. There’s good reason for this. Most people suck at it. Most people don’t get results. So they give up. Or they don’t even try.

Cold pitching led to me getting a meeting with the Marketing Director at Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Cisco, RedBull, Pepsi and countless other global brands. 

Prospects are inundated with terrible cold emails, approaches on social media and annoying cold calls. You have to stand out to get attention.

This is what I can teach you.

You can have a diary filled with sales meetings.

Not just that, you can book yourself onto podcasts, get journalists to write about your business, get your content published in authoritative publications and much more.

If you can get someone to respond to your cold emails, letters or messages, many doors open for you. “That would be nice” becomes “I can make that happen.”

That’s an amazing place to be.

I want to help you get there.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jon Buchan. I specialise in developing creative b2b sales campaigns that deliver results. I also head up a Facebook group dedicated to my unique approach to new business called Charm Offensive.

Here's my story.

A good few years ago, I was desperate for sales after my word of mouth work dried up.

I got hellishly drunk one night and wrote a completely absurd cold email. I was still tipsy the next morning and decided it was still a good idea to send it to pretty senior Marketing Directors at big brands.

To my astonishment, it worked!

My favourite one succinctly said "My colleague forwarded me your spam email and we would like to meet you to discuss opportunities."

I’ve met with senior decision makers at RedBull, Pepsi, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Barclays and countless other global brands, exciting start-ups and regular ol’ SMEs.

I’ve used this same style to get senior editors at large publications to respond to me and publish my clients content. 

I’ve used it to help people get as many job interviews as they want - and to meet people I really look up to. 

I’ve recently used it to get booked on some awesome podcasts too. I was interviewed by both Michael Senoff and Kevin Rogers this year. They'd never heard of me until I cold emailed them.

I would say all this on a sales page for a course I'm launching, so it's probably best to let some other people do the talking...

Video Testimonial from Aaron Krall, SAAS Growth Hacks
A concerning testimonial from Murtuza Kutub...
Another disturbing testimonial from Murtuza Kutub...
Dee Deng gives his thoughts on Always Be Winning
I am so excited about this...

I want to put you in a position where you are never worried about how you’re gonna find new clients. You’re always going to have opportunities. You can get in front of any type of business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local business, an exciting and innovative start up, or a global brand. You can meet any type of person - even if they’re a journalist at a national publication, an industry expert you look up to, or the CEO of a gigantic corporation. You will be able to open opportunities for yourself whenever you want - and when you’re able to do that, life gets really exciting.

I never thought I’d give this information away - which I guess is why I’m selling it instead. :D
Announcing "Always Be Winning"

Subject 1: Your Pitch To The World (2 Modules)
The first part is about crafting your story, your pitch and your offering.

It is not about building a website, growing a social media following or about building an email list. This course will show you how to succeed without needing those!
  •  Develop an offering that’s compelling and specific
  •  Find out who your ideal clients are
  •  Write the perfect story that endears you to your prospects
  •  Craft a succinct one line pitch that will intrigue your prospects
  •  Create a LinkedIn profile that gets attention and builds credibility and interest 
Subject 2: Find Your Ideal Customers And Start A Conversation With Them
(3 Modules)
  •  Find your ideal clients online and get their contact details.
  •  How to write compelling copy for your cold approaches through cold email, direct mail and LinkedIn.
  •  This won’t be a generic, boring approach that gets ignored. 
  •  I’ll show you how to do it the “Charm Offensive” way - an approach that cuts through the noise and gets your target customers to actually respond and want to talk to you
  •  How to go the extra mile for when you want to get the attention of your dream clients.  
  •  How to manage the whole process so you build opportunities for yourself right now - and in the coming weeks, months and years.
Subject 3: Build Your Influence Online
(4 Modules)
That’s the outbound stuff sorted, but you also want leads to come to you. 

I’ll show you how to build your influence online using the same cold pitching tactics you use to generate leads.
  •  Find and invite yourself on podcasts that your clients listen to. 
  •  How to find and convince journalists and other influencers to write about you. 
  •  How to write content on social media that intrigues your audience and builds their interest in you over time. 
  •  How to start a Facebook group around your area of expertise.
Subject 4: Turn Conversations Into Cash (2 Modules)
Lastly, and crucially, I’ll show you how to close deals. You will learn:
  •  How to impress prospects on sales calls and in sales meetings
  •  What to research and ask before the call or meeting
  •  How to open the call or meeting
  •  What questions to ask
  •  How to follow up after the call or meeting
  •  How to create a proposal that stands out
  •  How to send the perfect email that gives you the best chance of winning. 
  •  How to really pull at all the stops, for when you want to win those dream clients.
This is your final ever chance to get Always Be Winning.

I am taking it off the market after the cart closes.

  • Access To All 11 Recorded Sessions
  • Your Pitch To The World - Your Story, Your Ideal Clients, Your Offer
  • Your Pitch To The World - Your Online Presence
  • Starting Conversations - Disarm With Charm - How To Write Disarming Copy
  • Starting Conversations - Direct Mail & Cold Email
  • Starting Conversations - LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Build Your Influence - Getting On Podcasts
  • Build Your Influence - Getting PR Coverage
  • Build Your Influence - Booking Speaking Gigs
  • Build Your Influence - Your Tribe & Social Media Content
  • Conversations Into Cash - "I Got A Positive Reply, Now What?!"
  • Conversations Into Cash - The Perfect Proposal
  • Template Pack
  • 8 Part "Book Sales Calls" Cold Email Sequenc
  •  Direct Mail and Email Follow Up Template
  • Getting Journalists Attention Template
  • Booking Speaking Gigs Template
  • Booking Podcast Appearances Template
  • Getting On Podcasts Guide
  • LinkedIn Invite Template
  • LinkedIn 1st Connections Template.


Content Marketing Strategy Guide (eBook) - Learn how to create content that gets shared on social media, gets PR coverage, builds links and boosts your visibility in Google. Learn the process that led to getting coverage in gigantic publications such as The Independent (national UK newspaper), The Times (national UK newspaper), Time,,,, Hubspot, Venturebeat and many more... Value: $49

Win With Words - This ebook runs through one of my most cold email successful templates line by line. Value: $9

Facebook Group Blueprint - This training video runs through how I grew the Charm Offensive Facebook Group from 0 to 1,000 members in 30 days, and then to over 6,000 in 9 months using only organic tactics. Value: $49

Daring Sales & Marketing Swipe File - Get access to my swipe file of creative viral, guerilla, content marketing, PR and ad campaigns. Value: $49
30 Day Better Than Money Back Guarantee
  • Get your money back within 30 days of purchase with any reason. No questions asked. You can even keep the course materials and bonuses. I know my method works, and I want to see you give it a try. If you're not satisfied, just ask for a refund. 
Does it work?


It looks like I'm just bragging at this point... but here are a few more testimonials for you!
"Always be Winning is the real deal. I've bought tons of courses over the years, and this is by far the best experience I've ever had. The material is comprehensive and detailed, and Jon makes himself available on Facebook nearly 24/7. It's literally like being able to look over his shoulder and ask questions as you go."

If you are tired of struggling for new clients and can follow a recipe, buy this course right now. Your lifestyle and bank account will look much better for it.

- Brendon Kelly

"Jon has not only been super productive and has helped me launch my consulting business, but he has also unlocked the creative, mischievous side of me that corporate life locked away."

- Will Laurenson, Monkey Blocks

"Now I can have literally 10-20 leads knocking on my door each day if I wanted...but I haven't got the man power to keep up. Not a bad position to be in considering I was nearly bankrupt last year."

- Luke Nevill, WTF-Preneur

"I followed Jon's advice. I now have a regular flow of leads in my inbox every day. It's a great position to be in. My advice: Listen to Jon."

- Ian Jackson, Supreme Slides
One more...
"This course is a rough diamond. To prepare you for a great future.

Starting with you and your message, a pretty formula how to organize your bio for effectiveness, a complete strategy for lead collecting on Linkedin and much more.(have not finished yet) It works. 

I started 1 & 1/2 month ago with the guidance of Jon. I have now 3800 followers, who are happy to connect with me. 

In my first month on Linkedin, I posted every day, in total 18 animations from my hand and a lot of posts about animated video and it's use for Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, and Social Media Managers.

After a month I had a stunning 16.000 views. Now the snowball is rolling faster.

I also have 150 new students enrolled in my Animation School, coming from Linkedin, for a free course.

A few days ago, one of the software companies asked for an interview. Another one started following me. 

It works. I do not want you to take the course, I want to keep it for myself.

Well. Ok, enroll in the course, as long as you are not into animation!

You will be surprised by the number of new thoughts and actions Jon delivers.

A happy customer. "

- Anneke Camstra 
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